Gentle Home Vet provides full-service veterinary care for your beloved pet, from beginning through end of life. Simple exams can happen in your living room, surgeries and dentals in our cozy veterinary clinic on wheels.

Our mission is to provide concierge level care for your pets, beginning right from your first phone call to our clinic. We are a small, niche business, which allows us to focus on really listening to you, fully evaluating your pet's medical condition, and providing thoughtful, high-quality care to every patient we see.







Nose to tail exams on all furry friends, including a complete evaluation of your pet's past medical history, individual needs and risk factors. 



Gentle Home Vet performs complete dentistries and simple surgeries, right in our little vet-mobile. All patients are monitored by a dedicated technician and top of the line anesthetic monitoring equipment.



While we believe vaccinations are necessary to keep your pet healthy, we pertain to the "give them what they need, and not what they don't" philosophy of vaccination. All pets are evaluated individually before a vaccination plan is suggested.


We offer inexpensive microchipping to our patients, as we believe no pet should go without a microchip! A readable microchip is literally a life-line for lost pets.


At home care is perfect for older pets who may not travel well, or who have complicated medical issues that just don't fit into the 30 minute time slot most clinics allot them.


Having owned and loved many geriatric pets ourselves, we understand the importance of completing a comprehensive record review and exam, and also taking the time to understand the goal of each family for their pet-everyone defines quality of life differently, and we believe in honoring the bond and promises you have made to your pet.



Helping to set your pet free in a gentle, dignified, compassionate manner is as much a part of veterinary care as is vaccinating a darling, new puppy. It is our honor to give pets this gift in the comfort of their home. Read more at our sister company, Angel Wings Vet.




Dr. Hanna Ekstrom began practicing many, many years ago, in 1992, right after graduating with honors from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, but in fact she had been dreaming of being a veterinarian from shortly after she was born. Her mother remembers her as a three year old, conscientiously caring for the family dog, plastic stethescope in hand. Luckily, she has come a long way from those days, and now is the proud owner of an actual stethescope, not to mention a whole load of other "veterinary toys" as well.


For the first few years of her life as a  veterinarian, she worked for both large and small animal clinics around Puget Sound, before eventually starting up a clinic known as At Home Vet, which she owned for 17 years before she downsized into the iteration you are reading about today.

Although she loved her clinic, she found that her favorite part of the day was the house calls, so she has now returned to her roots by beginning this practice, Gentle Home Vet, and a "sister" practice known as Angel Wings Vet, which focuses solely on Hospice and End of Life care.

Because she recently sold her practice and is diligently honoring her non-compete, she only practices in areas seven miles outside the center of Woodinville. 

Dr. Hanna is joined by Rachele Berger, her veterinary assistant, friend, and office dynamo. Together, they make a pretty darn good team, and are both looking forward to meeting you and your four-legged family members soon!




Care@GentleHomeVet.com           425-215-8815


10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Friday and Sunday

Seattle:  University District, Northgate, Phinney Ridge, Queen Anne

Eastside: Bellevue, Mercer Island

North: Mukilteo, Mill Creek Town Center and north, North Lynnwood, Parts of Edmonds.

Please Note: The Doctors at Gentle Home Vet are currently unable to service any areas within 7 miles of Woodinville, but would love to provide service for your pets if you live outside this zone, marked in green on the map. We apologize for the inconvenience!


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